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Xibil (Valery Khristev) - musician from Magnitogorsk


Handpan's flying sounds paint the main line of the album.

The threads of other ethnic instruments are woven into them: oudu, vargan, Tibetan bowls, xiao and clarinet flutes, African Kalimba.

Electronic processing creates the depth and diversity of space.

Music of the ancient Ural mountains, snowy hills, endless plains.

She carries away, flies freely nearby and penetrates the listener. You feel that music is a kind of sacred path that constantly teaches and enriches the soul of a musician.

In the creative search is everywhere and constantly, a poet in the past, who found himself in the genre: Ethno, Ambient, Trip-hop

He released two albums, in the style of: Ethno-shamanism, as part of the Shibalba band. At the moment, Valery is creating in his hometown, organizing festivals and conducting musical yoga meditations ..


If you want to book Xibil group, just email!

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