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HAUA Group 
One of the first projects in Russia that began to combine ethnic and electronic sound.
Today, the HAUA group is a combination of the natural sound of different parts of Russia with deep electronics, which gives the team a confident, modern, rich sound at concerts and in studio works.
Their concerts are always a bewitching emotional journey into the world of the beauty of sound, groove, and expressive melodies.
The group takes part in major festivals.
HAUA exists since 2006. He is a resident and lead label for Aera Records (
During this time, two albums were released on the German label Solaris Records.
HAUA compositions are released on major European chillout and downtempo collections - Ganesha yoga, Buddha lounge essental India, Buddha grooves, The lotus lounge garden, Asian electronics beats, Chill in paradise, Aeravibes, etc.
HAUA translated from Hindi means wind, from Turkic - space, air.

The group is available in three versions:

1. Full group - 4 people

2. Average - 2 people

3. Ethno MC / DJ Set - 1 person







If you want to book HAUA group, just email!

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