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Wind to all

“Wind to All” is an unhurried Russian song filled with the meaning and whisper of generations, enveloping the sound of instruments, fresh interpretations of ethnics and unusual elements of art rock borrowed from folklore and a vision of music as it may be. Their light and light melodies flow like water, and the voice of a beautiful vocalist lulls her, like an affectionate lullaby. These songs are transmitted from heart to heart, from soul to soul.


Stylish ethnic moods from the Northern capital invite you to travel from the past to the present, because their beautiful songs combine root traditions and modernity, authentic material and actual arrangements.


- “Everyone will find their deep meaning in this name!
For me, WIND, in this case, is some all-penetrating and all-enveloping energy,
leaving nothing and no one without her attention.
So the music that we share with the audience reaches the very hearts! ”

Most often, the music created by the group is characterized as “world music”.

Elena Nosova - voice;

Sergey Bukreev - guitar, music;


If you want to book  WIND TO ALL group, just email!

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