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Handuhas declares a new format of Bashkir music directed on high art quality, sensual execution, natural Bashkiria sounding.


It is a project of two sisters - Julia and Ziliya Bakhtievy - performers of traditional Bashkir national songs.


“We hope that our songs can be accepted by each person worldwide, because they are impregnated by love to native Earth and nature.”


Julia Bakhtieva - the winner of the competitions of beauty “Hylyukaj”, “Miss. Asia”, “Super bride”, ethnical competition “Young Bride”.

Ex-soloist of the musical group “Kurajsy” and National Symphonic Orchestra of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Participated in festivals - “World creation”, WOMAD by Peter Gabriel and “Toratau fest”.


Ziliya Bakhtieva - the winner of competitions:TurkVision, Ural Mono, Ot-Yary, Altyn Maidan and other.

Ex-soloist of “Kurajsy”musical group, Ajdar Galimov’s musical studio and Bashkir State Philarmonic society named by Khusain Akhmetov.In 2018 bashkir traditional song “Bolon” (“a Meadow”) in her execution entered to the album “Еpic Circuits” of world famous group ”Deep Forest” by Eric Mouquet.

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