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WILLOW - album of the Russian ethno-musician Xibil.


Handpans flying sounds draw their main line of album. They are woven into the threads of other ethnic instruments: hook, jew's harp, Tibetan bowls, xiao flute and clarinet, African kalimba.

The depth and diversity of the space creates electronic sounds.


Xibil -music of the ancient Ural mountains, beautifully hills, the endless plains.

She blows freely flying nearby and fills the soul of the listener.

Symbol of the album - the internal image of understanding the world.

Shadow warm wind swirls around Willow, it carries a wonderful melody instruments.

Magic, the secret world hidden in the compositions of the wind and the strength of the tree.

Music created by Xibil - it a sacred path that constantly learns and enriches the soul of the musician.


Thanks to the musicians who participated in the recording of the album:


Ricardo Sanchez / Ricardo sanchez - handpan, Xiao flute

Nikita Knauts / Kito - handpan

Anna Shapovalova / AnaiShi- Kalimba, art work

Alexander belyashi / SAX - clarionet




1. Intro

2. Wind play

3. Essence (feat. AnaiShi)

4. Mahatma

5. Religion of beautiful Lake

6. Willow

7. Starfall (feat. Ricardo Sanchez)

8. Coyote Road (feat. Kito, Sax) 

9. Odyssey

10. Warm night (feat. AnaiShi)

11. Teotihuacan (feat. Ricardo Sanchez)

12. Outro


The album was recorded at a Days of Fog Studio (Magnitogorsk)  in 2015-2016 year.

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